Current In Plane Tunneling (CIPT) is a very fast and cost effective method to characterize Magnetic Tunnel Junctions (MTJ’s).

CIPT Method

The Current-In-Plane Tunneling (CIPT) method is used to characterize the properties of a tunnel junction, by landing a probe on top of the sample. These non-invasive measurements greatly speed up development and testing, due to the microsized probe spacings these measurements can be used for both homogeneity control and parameter characterization. Click on this link for further information about the CIPT method. 


SmartTip offers several high field, high accuracy instruments for both industry and academia to perform CIPT measurements. Both in-plane and perpendicular field options are available.

CIPT Probes

Our micromachined CIPT probes with different pin configurations are suitable for a variety of applications. Several carrier options are available to fit all CIPT capable instruments.