The SmartProber P1 is aimed at the next-generation over 5.5 kOe.

Various configurations of this type of SmartProber are available. If the high perpendicular field is required, but only small samples need to be measured, the automated wafer stage can be replaced with a cheaper manual stage.

  • SP-P1 – 5.5kOe magnet, 300mm, wafer-stage. Ra range: 0.1-100k Ωμm2
  • P1-C: additional in plane magnetic with a field strength of 0.6kOe
  • P1-M: Manual stage for small samples.
  • T1: a rotating in plane magnet instead of the perpendicular with a field strength of 2.26kOe

Click on the movie to see the SmartProber P1 in action.