CIPT Probes

CIPT probes are state-of-art MEMS devices consisting of 12 in-line gold-covered probe fingers (electrodes), each only ~10 µm long and 700nm or less in width. The very small scale of these probes allows for very gentle contacts, and makes them ideal for local (micro scale) electrical measurements

Range of probes

Four different types of probes are available (with mean spacing ranging from 0.75 µm to 59 µm ). Upon request we can always design a probe that meets the requirements for your specific experiment. All CIPT probes are also available on a ceramic carrier which fits into Capres tools.
Available CIPT probes on the Bruker AFM probes website

Your favorite probe

Please contact us with your measurement requirements and we will be happy to advise on your specific situation.

Sample preparation

Please note that the ability to establish electrical contact with the sample greatly depends on the sample surface. The contact force is generally too small to penetrate an oxide layer, therefore samples should be capped with a non-oxidizing conductor or a metal which forms a conductive oxide (Pt and Ru for example).