Chemical SPM Probes

SmartTip has recognised the growing demand for chemically activated probes for Chemical Force Microscopy (CFM) and has recently added chemical probes to its probe portfolio.


A list of applications for CFM is placed here.


The reliability and reproducibility of a CFM measurement strongly depends on the quality of the chemical probe. With this in mind we developed a special packaging concept for chemical propes: SmartPack.

SmartPack is unique since it is the only adequate packaging solution currently available in the market that allows for safe packaging, storing and shipping of chemical probes.

More information about SmartPack is located here.

CFM probe types

A description of available probe types is located here.


  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • SmartPack ensures high quality chemical probes
  • Variety of different chemical probes available
  • Custom modifications are possible
  • Excellent technical support and high customer service