Magnetic Probes

SmartTip's range of Smart Coated probes is the solution for regular MFM work requiring high resolution, easy to handle and cost effective probes.

SmartTip MFM probes on the Bruker probes website

Smart Coating

The magnetic coating is applied on only one face of the pyramid, leaving the other faces and cantilever uncoated. The result is a probe that combines very high magnetic resolution with improved AFM resolution (compared to a 'standard' MFM probe). The magnetic state of these tips is very well defined and stable, significantly reducing the influence of sample stray fields and external applied fields on the image quality.

Hard Magnetic

A range of Smart Coated hard magnetic cobalt based alloy coatings are available. The right choice of probe for your hard magnetic sample depends on the optimal compromise between resolution and signal strength for your applications.

Soft Magnetic

The Side Coated probes are ideal for measurements on soft magnetic samples. Due to the Side Coating approach there is hardly any magnetic material on the cantilever. As a result the background field exerted on the sample is greatly reduced. For measurements on soft magnetic samples we offer nickel coated probes. We are very pleased to help you out selecting the right type of probe.

Finding the right probe

Please contact us to help you out in the needs for your unique probe. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and information about possible probe designs and specifications.